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“ Rekiki is therapy is based on an Eastern belief that vital energy flows through your body. The idea is that a Reiki practitioner uses gentle touch -- or places their hands just above your body -- to help guide this energy in a way that promotes balance and healing. “


This takes a lot of trust, in someone to allow this to be preformed on yourself. Having this done to myself by Jazmine was the most awakening , peaceful, love , emotional , positive encounter I’ve ever had. Having the feeling of stress , weight lifted off of you while letting go and accepting the flow is a feeling that will leaving your with an eye awakening moment. After getting my first Rekiki done , I left with knowing more about myself, leaving with a feeling of peace and love within myself as well as trusting myself and inspiring  me to reach to my higher self.  

 The beats of the drum , singing bowl , the third eye charm noise is an experience I cannot put into words other then pure peace.


Thank you so much for allowing me to experience this and taking the time to learn such a sacred practice that heals so many . You are magic , you are light , you are love and many more. The amount of love I felt during the rekiki and the importance of allowing my body, mind , and soul to let go and trust not only myself but my ancestors and the angles and spirits around me guiding me. Thank you. Happy full moon , May you receive beautiful positive affirmations and manifestations.


Thank you for holding such sacred space to allow us to share amongst us girls about our journey in this chaotic life. Thank you for the sisterhood you have worked to build.



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