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The Power of Sound
for Older Adults
in Retirement &
Long-Term Care Communities

Unlock the ancient practice of Sound Therapy tailored exclusively for the well-being of seniors residing in Retirement and Long-Term Care Communities.


Rooted in diverse cultures like Tibet, Indigenous Australia, and Ancient Egypt, Sound Therapy is gaining popularity for its evidence-based health benefits in today's world.

What is Sound Therapy?

Sound Therapy is not just a therapeutic treatment; it's an immersive experience designed to bring about a mindful, meditative state in participants. Scientifically proven to enhance relaxation, positive emotions, and overall well-being, Sound Therapy stands out as a holistic approach with immediate and long-term benefits.

Benefits for Older Adults in Retirement Communities:

Mindfulness is a well-researched avenue for improving various aspects of seniors' lives. However, many face barriers to access these benefits. Sound Therapy provides an enjoyable and accessible way for older adults to experience mindful meditation, promoting pain management, better sleep, reduced stress, and enhanced spiritual well-being.

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Long-Term Care and Auditory Sensory Stimulation:

In Long-Term Care (LTC), auditory sensory stimulation becomes a powerful tool for managing anxiety, depression, cognitive symptoms, and responsive behaviors. Sound Therapy in LTC settings helps individuals recall positive memories, fostering a connection with the world around them.

What Happens During a Sound & Sensory Therapy Session?

Sessions can be tailored for individuals (20 minutes) or groups (60 minutes). The facilitator introduces the treatment, playing instruments like singing bowls, chimes, gongs, and nature sound replicas. Participants are encouraged to close their eyes, focus inward, and explore their inner experiences, resulting in deep relaxation and mindfulness.

Healing Therapy
Group therapy

Where Does Sound & Sensory Treatment Take Place?

We come to you. 

Best conducted in enclosed, dimly lit rooms, participants are seated comfortably in a circle around the facilitator. Whether in chairs, reclining, or lying down, the experience can be customized to your facilities.


The Science of Sound Therapy:

Sound waves activate the vagus nerve, part of the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), regulating sleep, digestion, healing, and immune responses. Sound Therapy utilizes Theta frequencies to induce a state of profound relaxation associated with meditation and other beneficial states of consciousness.


Short-Term and Long-Term Benefits:

From increased positive emotions and spiritual well-being to long-term reductions in depression and anxiety, Sound Therapy offers a range of benefits. Studies have shown improvements in mood, tension, and physical symptoms like blood pressure and heart rate after Sound Therapy sessions.


About The Fascilitator

Experienced facilitator ensures a welcoming and comfortable environment for participants, guiding them through the transformative journey of Sound Therapy.


Embark on a journey of well-being with Sound Therapy tailored for seniors – a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and modern science.

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