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NATURAL MATERIAL: These crystal gemstones are mainly made of natural quartz, which is finely machined and polished, smooth to the touch, clear in color and reliable in use; they are wrapped in golden copper wire for a more refined and elegant look


Positive Effect: These colorful wire-wrapped runestones are said to symbolize good luck and bring you positive energy, self-confidence, wisdom and other elements, making you feel at ease and happy; they come in a variety of colors and attractive designs, and can be paired with large Most clothing and jewelry, giving you a variety of dress options Wide range of uses:


You can use these wire wrapped stones to make all kinds of jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, etc.; it is also a good choice to use them to decorate your house, weddings and other occasions; just unleash your imagination and let you life is as colorful as they are

Made in United States of America

Natural Crystal Moon Set Sparkling Stone Flat Crystal Neckla

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